The Humble CSS Saves the Day

Granted that this isn’t related to Flash at all, but I do think it’s pretty useful for anyone who had to deal with these minor, but annoying glitches. Will from Evoart shares with us a couple of useful reusable snippets of CSS and some best practices that he recommends.

Here’s a quick snatch from the article.

Firefox Image Outline Fix

This little beauty does exactly what it says it does. If you weren’t aware, Firefox has a nasty little habit of adding ‘outlines’ to images that are links. This really bugs me on items in the main navigation of a website, but thanks to this handy piece of code you can say goodbye to these outlines forever!

A:focus, A:hover, A:active /* Firefox image outline fix */
outline: none

Banish your bane of the horrible IE 6 background flicker and other dooms right here.

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