New features in Flash 10

Here’s a quick list of new stuff listed in Adobe’s demo page:

  1. New Text Engine
  2. Inverse Kinematics
  3. Custom Effects
  4. GPU Compositing: New but has some serious problems at the moment. More info at Tinic Uro’s blog.
  5. Dynamic Streaming: Not useful at the moment yet because it needs to work with a new version of Flash Media Server. This protocol allows lossy delivery.
  6. Improved Drawing API: Senocular has a detailed tutorial about it. The new Vector data type and drawPath and drawTriangles will give significant performance boost for Papervision3D and all other 3D engines.
  7. Native 3D: Native but very raw. Only supports rotation inf 3 dimensions. But I’m sure it means a lot for Papervision3D guys. There’ll be significant performance improvement in the never version of Papervision3D.

And some features not covered in the demo:

  1. Dynamic Sound Generation: You can directly talk to the sound card (sort of)! Try Keith Peter’s demo and be a musician using your mouse.
  2. FileReference Runtime Access: Now you can directly work on user’s local files. Previously, you need to upload a file to the server, download the file from server and then you can edit it. It’s much easier now. For more info, please refer to Draw Lgoic’s blog.
  3. MouseCursor: A new class to set Mouse cursor.
  4. Text field using device fonts can be animated now, transparency or scaling are all possible out of the box.

Every single feature leads to a whole new area of excitement to explore. You can see the new functions here.

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