Academee Pte Ltd is looking for Flash developers


Academee Asia pacific is part of Academee UK and Oliver Wyman company group are looking for Flash Developer to strength our development team.

For more detail of jobs description can be find in this url.
This position is a full time middle level with 2-4 years in Flash.

Please send us your resume to :{@}

Freelance Developer wanted

The project is to build an online product catalog. The job requires handling data from database in XML format. Any Flash developer free to take? For further enquires please contact Ariffin Hasan (ariffin{@}

BBH Asia Pacific Is Hiring


BBH Asia Pacific is looking for a full-time middle weight Flash developer well versed in actionscript programming and the rest of the web mambo jambos. Please direct all enquiries to shawn.loo{@}

Nokomai Is Hiring


Nokomai is an independant agency, we do a lot of flash sites and flash game development. It’s a fun place to work. We’re looking for a talented developer who loves to experiment with code. Please contact us at: moc.iamokon|krow#moc.iamokon|krow or visit our site:

Call for Flashers!

Yolk Singapore is looking for intermediate to advanced Flash designers and developers for full-time (preferably) or contract jobs.

Flash Designers/Developers Job Description

  • Need AS2 and XML.
  • Widgets developed in Flash CS3 with PHP and MySQL.
  • Exploring AS3, Papervision, FlashComm, Microphones, WebCams…
  • With style preferred!

Able to develop interactive sites similar to the following:

Email us: yellowfellows {@}

Exciting position at Profero ShangHai

Profero ShangHai

Head of Production
(Senior Front-end Developer / Senior Rich Media Designer)

Job Description
The Head of Production works cooperatively with the creative department and Producers/Information Architect to translate visual designs, user experience flows and content into functional interfaces for client projects. You must be an expert in site structure and content management optimizing site builts for integration, speed and quality. You will work closely with members of the creative team and other developers both front-end and backend to implement and optimize rich media and dynamic site experiences and determine browser or other clientside technology recommendations and guidelines during the Planning phase. You will typically join a project team during Discovery phase of the project to assist in the development of engineering requirements.

Job vacancy in Big Red Button

we are looking for a very talented individual who has strong design and development background for a one of project (to start with).

If you are interested, please send mail to

subject: I am a Flash Whiz
From: your full contact details.

state availability: contract scheduled must be immediate to 6th June.
body: include examples of work, familiar with flash video encoding, action scripting etc.

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