FoldUnfold Table of Contents Academee Pte Ltd is looking for Flash developers Freelance Developer wanted BBH Asia Pacific Is Hiring Nokomai Is Hiring Call for Flashers! Exciting position at Profero ShangHai Job vacancy in Big Red Button Academee Pte Ltd is looking for Flash developers Academee Asia pacific is part of Academee UK and Oliver Wyman company group are looking for Flash Developer to strength our development team. For more detail of jobs description can be find in this url....

10 Sep 2008 11:57


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10 Sep 2008 11:31

Limitations of Papervision3D

Papervision3D brought 2D Flash into a 3D world. It’s exciting and there are lots of cool websites and applications developed with PV3D. But nothing is perfect in the world. It also has some limitations: PV3D requires heavy processing power. Most of current works (or current good ones) use simple geometries and the screen sizes are generally small. 3D models in PV3D are far less beautiful than rendered 3D videos. A PV3D scene is very raw, the edges are not anti-aliased and the surfaces are not...

10 Sep 2008 09:56

Adobe® Media Player Back in 2006 MAX conference, someone asked whether Adobe would release a FLV Player. They replied that they had some plan. 2 years later, their plan was finally revealed. More than just a FLV Player, it’s also a desktop YouTube and it is “professionally very very pretty”. Coming out at the same time as AIR, it’s a perfect “one stone two birds” strategy. If you want to try AIR you definitely should start with Media Player because it’s by far the...

10 Sep 2008 08:14

8 tips about Flash

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned developer or a designer or a complete newbie, (re)familiarizing yourself with the software and basic terminology is a good place to start. Here is a list of tips all Flash users should know. Frame rate - 12fps for mobile phones, 18fps to 30fps for general usage Scene - Please do not use scenes, it is outdated and unstable Time line - Onion skin is good for working with multiple frames Library - Ctrl + L Button - Try not to use it because it is very...

10 Sep 2008 08:13

Gaia Flash Framework

This may not be new news per say. But in my opinion should be quite useful. There is this new flash framework known as Gaia that seems to be useful in speeding up the flash production process. By using the framework, you can get a simple flash project up in a flash. If you find it troublesome to change your workflow, the least you can do with it is to create a prototype in a very short time to present to your client. In conlcusion, this framework is worth a try....

10 Sep 2008 08:07

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